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Before getting your wheelchair cushion at Trio Pharmacy, be sure to consult your physician or physical therapist to determine which type of cushion best suits you and your needs.

Types of Wheelchair Cushions
Air-filled cellular cushion

These cushions offer a high-level technology where you can control the amount of air that goes into the device. As a result, pressure points can be treated and prevented and your posture can be improved.

Amputee wheelchair cushion

These cushions are designed with the main goal to protect the skin from the constant daily rubbing against the wheelchair. They typically have a padded seat with a firm base and come with safety straps to secure the seat to the wheelchair.

Bariatric wheelchair cushion

These cushions are specially designed to hold heavier weights and to prevent and relieve pressure points caused exactly by the weight. Some brands can hold up to 750 lbs with no problems. They are also known as heavy-duty wheelchairs cushions.

Coccyx cushion

This type of cushion was designed especially for the coccyx (tail bone) integrity and treatment support where required. They typically have the portion at the tail bone cut out to provide complete relief of pressure to the coccyx while improving the overall blood circulation in the area.

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Foam Cushions: 

From polyurethane to therapeutic foam to memory foam, these cushions are made of many types of materials. They are also often the most affordable in the market.

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Gel cushions:​

These cuhions are for those who need extra attention to body temperature. They also help in preventing pressure ulcers.

Honeycomb cushions:

These cushions distribute weight more efficiently because it does not transfer pressure from one specific spot of the cushion to the other areas.

Pommel Seat Cushion

These wedge cushions are designed to aid pelvic rotation issues, windswept deformities, and a proper lumbar curve. If you require extreme caution and attention to posture, this cushion may be helpful to you.

Saddle-Style Wheelchair Cushion

These cushions come in a variety of styles. Some saddle-style cushions are slightly inclined to prevent you from sliding forward. Others are completely flat to better distribute the weight.

Waffle designed cushion

These cushions usually have air vent holes for airflow optimization and to stay dry as it dissipates heat and moisture. This type of cushion is a good option for pain reduction treatments and pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

Wheelchair Cushion for Pelvic Obliquity

Pelvic obliquity or also known as pelvic misalignment or tilted pelvis is a postural abnormality where one side of the pelvis is higher than the other, and as a result, the spine develops a serious and uncomfortable lateral curvature. No lean cushions are made with that in mind.

Zero Elevation Cushion

These cushions are mainly for very low-risk wheelchair users who are relatively active and able to readjust their positioning in a wheelchair without the support of a caregiver.

The most common type of material is foam, but there are available in other materials.

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